ChAin ReaCtion

Square Dance Club


We are very proud and privileged to have as our caller


Di Green



Di Green has been calling for us for several years and she always makes our evenings fun and challenging.
She travels from Sheffield every fortnight to call for us,
as well a running her own Mainstream and Plus club, Sheffield Swirlers, on Monday evenings.
Nothing is too much trouble for Di, and she appears to enjoy calling just as much as we enjoy dancing to her.

Di often calls at Saturday evening venues across the country, and has called as far away as Devon and Aberdeen,
and even in the south of France, so if you havenít had the opportunity to dance to her,
do put one of her dance dates high up on your list of places to go.

Better still, come and dance with us at ChAin ReaCtion if you dance A or C levels,

or join us for Plus dancing at our Annual Summer Dance in August.